Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Boy Getting Wedgie Pictures Ahh! Known As Wedgie Boy At School. Help!?

Ahh! known as wedgie boy at school. help!? - boy getting wedgie pictures

Ok, so I had a bad week last week lol. It all started earlier in the week. I was getting in the class and Bendin my book out of my closet. I think the belt of my underwear showed aa young girl went with the words "Nice tighty whiti. Laugh, but he asked for a couple of guys who come, who went to take my tighty whiti. Everyone has a good laugh about. I thought It was so off, I tried, he was not. I have another song of the day Sunday, then the next day a little more in the gym. Also during the practical question that I received few. It is not easy with tighty whiti in the ass, run! But the real problem now is I am as a "wedgie boy" famous for girls and boys. What should I do? "I know we are just going back to my underwear draw!

I have tried to use and actually stopped fighting Recently Too Damn high. So I switched back to my tighty whiti. I do not know what to do.


★ℓeena; ℓσve. said...

Load the next person who tries to be a wedgie Touch Butt. "
You will be automatically stopped.
Which is worse? As a child or an object to touch wedgie?

LR said...

Well, there is not much you can say except to someone who is not popular and could cause more problems for you. The use of underwear not just take, if you do pantsed. Perhaps you are trying to stretch underwear athletics, as fit UnderArmour, if they spread the fire, but not download. Of course, if they can be achieved, it would give you hanging wedgie worse. They do not know what to say. Live and Learn.

Amanda said...

LMAO. Here is a simple solution.

Do not wear underwear. And if someone wants to touch your ***, punch to the face.

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