Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How To Wax A Vigina Vigina Qustion?

Vigina qustion? - how to wax a vigina

not break if u wax ur hair skin Vigin Ur, Ur, because the skin is so soft that it?


my heart goes bang bang boom! =D said...

No, no. i wax. Bleeding, only the hair was torn ... and their points just a little blood.

LiveInMe... said...

No, your skin is harder than you think. You can bleed the first time b / c of the root to be deleted.
But anyway, no, it's more of a chance to tear the skin by shaving strips

cubanchi... said...

I have never done before .. But I suggest you shave the wax with .. .. only much safer and less confidence hurt me!

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